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Zen Contemplation Corner: A Meditation for the New Year

Excerpts from Jack Kornfield's New Year Message dated December 28, 2020, are worth contemplating. You can read his full message at

The year ends and we begin a new circuit around our own beautiful sun star, twirling amidst the galaxies.

Take a breath, quiet your heart and listen deeply.
There is so much coming and going, and yet…
feel how underneath it all is a vast silence
and a spaciousness that holds everything in its balance.

Solstice, Christmas, New Year’s, Kwanzaa and Chanukah are outer celebrations of an unstoppable renewal that is life itself. There is always grass that pushes itself through the cracks in the sidewalk. You are this life force constantly being reborn every morning at breakfast.

And while the news often features the worst of humanity, there are a billion acts of human kindness every hour of every day! Take another breath and sense this truth.

Recognize that even our big problems are part of a long march demanding us to honor our human connection, our interdependence with all life.

Our fears and terrors can be activated by the news, but they are not who we are.
We are consciousness itself, loving awareness, born into this body and having a wild human ride.

What will you do with this human dance?

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