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YWCA Study Groups

YWCA DE ran a program from 1997 -2005, called study circles, they were small groups who met over several weeks and had conversations about racism, which evolved into conversations regarding sexism, schools, and other hot topic issues. They were primarily around racism and had over 2,000 Delawareans participate. In the current social and political climate the YWCA feels they are more necessary than ever.

YWCA Delaware is restarting the study circles along with over 20 partners. The first series of Dialogue to Action groups will begin to meet the week of February 24th though April 7th. The diverse groups will consist of the same 8-12 people meeting for 2 hours over the six weeks. The Dialogue to Action program will culminate in an Action Forum on April 14th. This forum will be all of the groups meeting together to organize putting the things they’ve learned into Action.

This past fall the YWCA DE and The Coalition to Dismantle the New Jim Crow did a trial of three groups. One group is working on women’s re-entry from prison issues, another on voter rights legislation, and the last is working to bring a black owned bank to the Route 9 corridor. In other states issues such as food deserts have been addressed. There will be at least 12 groups in our next round with times depending on availability of facilitators and venues. Each group should have two facilitators of different races to lead. The curriculum we will be using is called “Facing Racism in a Diverse Nation”. If you would like to participate or facilitate please register at

Thank you for being a part of the change.