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2019 Women’s Retreat – May 11

The 2019 UUFN Women’s Retreat

Saturday, May 11th at the UUFN

Please save this date for the 2019 UUFN Women’s Retreat. The UUFN Women’s Retreat is a wonderful way to connect more closely with the amazing women of the UUFN community. We will have a full day of workshops, lunch, and dinner followed by the always wonderful Womensing led by our resident guitarist Karen Barker.

Workshops will include spiritual, physical, and artistic endeavors. We are looking for workshop ideas and presenters. Please contact to make suggestions or to volunteer to lead a workshop. Workshop presenters get a discount on registration!

Look for more information soon but save the date now! Namaste~

2019 Women’s Retreat Committee: Karen Barker, Liz Carlisle, Rachael Coffey, Andrea Harding.



9:00 Arrivals, coffee, tea, and treats

9:30 Opening Circle

10:30 Morning Workshop Choices

  1. Spirit Animal Amulet Necklace  – Create a beautiful necklace with beads of your choosing and charms to represent an animal that is important to you.  You will learn necklace-making techniques as well as discuss the significance of color and design. Enjoy designing, creating and wearing a necklace that represents a spirit animal that has special meaning for you.

    $10 fee – limit 10 participants

  2. Let’s Talk! – Do you feel that others misunderstand you at times?  Do you get tongue-tied talking with someone who seems to disagree with you?  The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment is based on 16 unique human personalities.  Each has a different communication approach. This workshop will help you recognize your communication preference and show you how you can work more comfortably with others.
  3. Yoga – This class is designed as a one hour “Sampler Class”. Enjoy beginner Vinyasa Yoga with options for the more experienced yogis looking for a challenge. We will move through a series of postures and poses in a class dedicated to your wellbeing. Bring a non-slip exercise mat (we have limited mats to lend). Wear comfortable, layered clothing, and bring a small towel and water to drink.

12:00 Tai Chi Chuh or time on your own

  • Although it bears a visual similarity to T’ai Chi Ch’uan, the martial art, and is also derived from Qi Gong, T’ai Chi Chih (which means “Knowledge of the Supreme Ultimate”) is a moving meditation designed to activate, circulate, and balance Chi. T’Ai Chi Chih is easy to learn, has no age limitation, and doesn’t require a particular level of physical fitness or coordination! Even those with physical challenges can participate, performing the movements while seated.

1:00 Lunch

2:30 PM Workshops

  1. I AM Canvas –

    project to celebrate, embrace, and empower the “YOU” that makes “YOU”. Create a textured self-portrait using various mediums and objects. The canvas is an expression of yourself, not only of your beautiful face but also ways and words to describe yourself, your unique sense of style and what is important to you. We are all different and important. Let’s celebrate by creating an “I Am” canvas.

    11 X 14 canvass provided along with decorative supplies. Bring anything special and personal to you that you would like to use on your canvas. – $10 fee – limit 12 participants

  2. “When I am an old woman I shall wear purple” 

    A sharing of your ideas as to what you would like to do when you are an old woman.  How are you preparing for that time?  Are you doing some of those things now?  Why or why not?  What old women do you admire?  Why?  Add your voice to the discussion.

  3. Chakra Dancing – ChakraDance is a fusion of ancient wisdoms and modern music for healing and wellbeing. ChakraDance is a form of nourishment for your true self – your soul. Moving to music specifically created to resonate with each chakra, you are guided into your own inner dance of release and reconnection. It offers a kind of liberation. It feels like coming home. Move your chakras and change your life!

4:30 Closing Circle

5:30 Dinner from Olive Tree

6:30 WomanSing