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What are UU doing on Wednesday Morning?



The Wednesday Morning Coffee Group is on hold until further notice. Since the Panera’s on Main Street is permanently closed, this group would have to start meeting in a different Coffee Shop.


At Panera on Main Street in Newark, Delaware on Wednesday mornings you will often find a group on Unitarian Universalist from UUFN gathered together in a very informal group. Folks who are early risers generally arrive around 9:00 AM, selecting a spot to pull some tables together in the banquet area across from the fireplace. As the morning goes on others come in and join them.  As 10:00 approaches the group gets larger and more tables are added. Some folks leave to run their errands or attend to other concerns, others arrive to take their place.  The gathering begins to break up around 11:30, but if you pop by at 11:30 or even noon they may still be there. You don’t have to drink coffee. Panera has a variety of beverages as well as pastries and breakfast sandwiches.

Please feel free to join the group any Wednesday morning, The topic of conversation varies, there is no official scheduled topic of conversation. Join the group when you can, come and go as your schedule allows. and by all means feel free to bring a friend.

Many have found this group a fun way to get to know each other in a more relaxed setting. Sometimes it’s difficult to have deep discussions standing in coffee hour after Sunday Service. This provides a fun, laid back atmosphere for conversation.

If you’re considering attending on a consistent basis we recommend you join Panera’s Loyalty Club. They will give you a card and a key fob and you can earn free drinks, pastries, and other discounts. Don’t worry, if you forget your card you can log in using the phone number you gave them when you set up the account!

Hope we see you there!