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Pledge Drive – March 2019

March is Stewardship Month. Pledging is important to our mission.
This includes what we do with our financial resources. Pledging supports
the UUFN community. We feel by pledging we take responsibility to ensure
that UUFN remains vital and strong. Pledging is the primary way we fund our
tender building, our outreach and our many programs.
Pledging helps others in need. What we pledge supports people and organizations
beyond UUFN, through the work of all of us here, through the use of our building, and
through the outreach programs we support.
Pledging focuses our priorities. We focus on giving ourselves to the things that matter.
We have decided that UUFN matters to us, to our family, and this community. Many of us lead very busy lives. Yet so much of what we do may not be central to who we are. What matters to you? If UUFN is on that list please consider a pledge this stewardship month.
Pledging Deadline is March 31, 2019 

Want to make your pledge online?  No problem!  Simply fill out the 2020 church year pledge form.

If you have misplaced or never received a pledge card, No Problem either! Just click on the link to download the pdf version of the card and print out your own (Make sure to print it two-sided)  Pledge Card UUFN 2019 .