UUFN Extended Families

Families help us to celebrate the good times and offer comfort during the bad times.

Some families are formed through blood ties, while other extended families are formed through friendships and close connections.

In the past, there were many extended families in the Fellowship.

The Extended Family task force would like your help in creating new Extended Families.

Would you like to join with us?

To start, we need to know who you are and what your interests are.  Below is a questionnaire to collect that information.

Timeline for becoming part of an Extended Family

Complete the questionnaire below, either on paper or on-line, by October 15, 2021. Instructions for returning it are included in the questionnaire.

This program is for Members & Friends of UUFN

If you are not already a Member or Friend, check the Join Us page.

To Participate

Download this questionnaire, fill it out, and return to UUFN by October, 2021!

Instructions for return are in the questionnaire.