Note that there are TWO forms you have to fill out:
one to get your event on the calendar
and one for publicity.

To get the results you want, you probably have to do all of the steps below.

If you're working on a large event, like some of our Peace Week events, consider contacting the Communications Team. We have a checklist that can help keep things on track so they're done when you need them to be.

1. Before scheduling or asking for an event to be publicized

First, collect the materials you need in order to request any kind of space (physical or digital) at UUFN:

  1. The title of your event.
  2. The date and time of your event. (PLEASE CHECK THE UUFN Calendar for availability before submitting a request.)
  3. The descriptions you want in various places (longer for Connections and the website, shorter for UUpdate, social media, and the UUFN calendar). Suggested word counts are:
    1. UUpdate: 110 words
    2. Social Media: 50 words
    3. Website: Just about as long as you want, within reason. UUpdate and Social Media can point people to the website for more information.
  4. At least one image that suits your event.
    1. If you can provide a large horizontal image (>= 1200px wide and >= 500 px high) that represents your event, we might be able to get it posted sooner than if someone else has to search for an image.
    2. If you provide an image, please give us the source in case we have to check legality or download a different size.
    3. If you can't provide an image, we'll do the best we can but you might end up with a generic image or no image.
    4. Events without images cannot be put in the website slider (those large images that appear when you go to the site).

About Image Sizes

The image size we're referring to here is just how wide and tall the image is. A pixel is basically one of the many dots that makes up an image.

In order to put an image in the slider (those large images that appear when you go to the site) , it  has to be "landscape" format--horizontal (like a landscape), not vertical (like a portrait).

Sources for images

If you don't have an image you can use, these are good sources for images:

My shortcut method is to look for images that are legal to use to sell things. If they’re legal to use to sell, they should be legal to use on our site. If I can't find anything I like that way, I have to dig further into the permissions for an image I do like.

2. Reserve resources AND/OR get your event on the UUFN calendar

This step accomplishes two things:

  1. It allows you to reserve any physical resources you need (a room, tables, chairs) AND/OR a zoom room if you're meeting virtually.
  2. It alerts the program coordinator to put the event on the UUFN calendar.

This step does not create any publicity for your event. It just gets the event on the calendar. 

Fill out the form at

3. Publicize an Event

If you want your event publicized in UUpdate AND/OR in Connections AND/OR on the website AND/OR  through our social media channels, fill out the form at

This step does not put your event on the UUFN calendar. It just lets us know how you want your event publicized.

Questions or Suggestions?

If you have ideas about how to improve these instructions, please email the Web Team at

If you have questions about scheduling or publicizing your event, please email the Program Coordinator at