Torda450: The 450th Anniversary of the Edict of Torda

On January 13, 1568, in the city of Torda, a gathering of religious leaders and politicians presided over by Unitarian King John Sigismund proclaimed religious freedom in the Edict of Torda. Through this act, Unitarianism was officially recognized for the first time in the history of the world. It also signals the beginning of the UU legacy to be a spiritual tradition that resists hatred, oppression, and the narrow view that there is only one way to be faithful, to be religious, to be free.

Join the yearlong 450th anniversary celebration through worship, theological reflection, and pilgrimage. Add your anniversary celebration to the global map of special events. Visit for resources and ideas. In honor of this exciting anniversary, you are invited to support the vibrancy and numbers of Unitarian/Universalist and Unitarian Universalist communities around the world by giving online at


This information is facilitated in part by fair share contributions of other congregations to the UUA/JPD Annual Program Fund.


Glen Schmiesing

Former Co-chair, UUFN Denominational Affairs