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The 2019 SleUUth UUFN Service Auction

Whodunnit? YoUU dunnit! 97 donated items, 437 bids, roughly $22,000 raised, and lots and lots of fun! Now it is time to enjoy all your fun services & events, and start thinking about next year.

Education never ends, Watson. It is a series of lessons, with the greatest for the last. Sherlock Holmes
Brains and more: Bob (retired chair of last 12 years but still working like a dog) Lillich
Chairman/Auctioneer … for now: Michael Hoffman
Decorating Guru: Rachael Coffey
Decorators in Training: Marie LaBerge, Emily Van Vlack, Jan Arenson, Carol Boncelot, The Coffey Family with special guests Lance & Lee
Publicity & Theme Witticisms: Lori Athey
Website & Catalog, etc.: Bob Lillich
Advertising at a Glance: Anne is so social Green
Computer Network: Bob Lillich
Bid Sheet Creation/Placement: Bob Lillich & Rachael Coffey
Ed McMahon Type Voiceover Guy: Paul Weaver
Silent Table Closers: Diana Guinnup & Mary Bauernschmidt
Masseuse for Hire: Jan Owens
Wait Staff: Lois Hoffman
Food Creation/Dish Disappearance: Kay Elizabeth, Ann & Sandy Schreiver, Robyn Frampton, Debra Morris, Beth Rausch, Susan Stoller, Calvin Hotchkiss & Barbara Ward
Mixologists: Gary Jackoway & Julia van der Veur
Alcohol Purveyor: Michael Hoffman DDS, CPA, EMT, MTV, JUG, MOUSE
The Basket Administration: Lillich/Hoffman… aka the Dynamic Duo
Auctioneer’s Personal Sound Humanoid: Jeff “Is this thing on?” Ramberg
Smiling Cashier: Liz the wiz Carlisle
Check In & Out Peeps (War Room): Bob Lillich, Alan Coffey, Jennifer & Laird Cummings, George Leighton, Jamie & Paul Bauernschmidt
Fire Putter Outer & Man About Town: Juan Avalos
Live Auction Scribe: Celeste (“Slow down, Michael”) Hall
Live Auction Runner: Jeff Ramberg … go, Jeff – go
Live Spotters Pit Boss: Dave Athey & others who kept Michael straight
Clean Up Crew: Dave & Merry Ostheimer, Peter & Denise Hartranft, Lois Hoffman and all the other on-the-spot helpers