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Funding our Future – We Need You!

Stewardship Campaign 2018/2019 – Funding Our Future

Our annual Stewardship Campaign helps us plan for the following year.  Our Stewardship pledge payments generate about 80% of our income for the year.




Pledging is a 2-step process:

  1.     1. Complete your pledge card and return it to UUFN by March 31.

The total of all pledge cards determines our income for the year.

  1.     2. Pay your pledge, between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

You can pay weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as a lump sum. You can pay by cash, check, automatic bank transfer, direct transfer of securities, or credit card. Our Treasurer can help you set up monthly payments (it’s easy!).



For more information, please view or download the following documents:

  1. Letter to the congregation from your Stewardship Chair
  2. Stewardship Campaign brochure
  3. Suggested Fair Share Contribution Guide
  4. Your Pledge Card. This is the most important component of our Stewardship Campaign! Please return your pledge card by March 31.


All UUFN Members have agreed to make a financial pledge to the annual operating budget of our Fellowship and honor that pledge. All UUFN Friends are encouraged to pledge.


Questions? Please contact your Stewardship Chair Carol Boncelet, at