Speaker: Rev. Don Garrett

Reflections on Juneteenth – Freedom Day

Reflections on Juneteenth. Just the week before this service Congress passed and the President signed a bill making Juneteenth a national holiday. The Father’s day service originally scheduled was replaced to reflect upon this event.

“Please Understand Me”

We spend a lot of time focusing on what we have in common. Let’s spend a little time considering just how different we are from one another as well.


We’ll honor this Islamic holy season by learning about the culture and traditions of Ramadan.


These two holidays overlap this year, giving us the opportunity to celebrate both. Join us for a liturgical service honoring two of the high points in Jewish and Christian traditions.

Ain’t Misbehavin

Fats Waller’s song raises some interesting questions. What does it mean to care so deeply that we can make generous choices so joyously that there’s no hint of sacrifice involved?

The Ghosts of Racism

We’ll explore some of the ways our society is still haunted by racism, ways that many of us have learned not to notice.

Looking for Love

We’ll use the theme of Valentine’s Day to explore the depths and meaning of our most important attachments with one another – how they shape and enrich our lives.