Taking Action, Making Change by Sarah McBride, Oct 30, 2022

Service Description

Senator Sarah McBride will discuss this moment in our politics and her approach to change making, which has transferred from her time as an advocate for LGBTQ equality to a legislator passing paid family and medical leave in Delaware.

Sarah McBride will look back on the 151st General Assembly to discuss what was one of the most productive legislatures in recent memory, as well as the upcoming priorities for the new legislature when it convenes in January of 2023.


State senator Sarah McBride has been involved in progressive and community advocacy for most of her life, becoming the leading advocate for the state’s landmark non-discrimination legislation, signed into law in 2013.

Sarah serves as a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBTQ advocacy organization. She has taught public policy to students at the University of Delaware’s Biden Institute.

She is one of the youngest Delawareans to be granted the state’s highest civilian honor, the Order of the First State.