The Healing Power of Warrior Compassion (Radical Unconditional Love) by Rev. Sean Harvey

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What does it mean to go on a journey to viscerally experience radical unconditional love? What becomes possible in our lives and in the world? With so much suffering and division in the world, healing requires a fierce and courageous level of compassion and love.

Rev. Sean Harvey will share insights and wisdom for walking this spiritual path, to go from "love with conditions" to radical unconditional love for ourselves, our communities, and the planet.

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Sean Harvey

Rev. Sean Harvey is an interfaith and inter-spiritual minister who has dedicated his life to amplifying and expanding the reach of the Warrior Compassion message (radical unconditional love, compassion, and deeper humanity). Sean is the author of Warrior Compassion: Unleashing the Healing Power of Men, the former head of Personal Transformation and Wellbeing at EILEEN FISHER, and college professor at Cornell, NYU, and Baruch College CUNY and is currently affiliated with George Washington University. He spends much of his time focused on deepening compassion in hyper-masculine systems (police, military, and defense) and in the power centers (government, finance, tech, etc.). He’ll share his perspectives and insights on what’s possible for all when we bring compassion to the hardest to reach and hardest to love communities.

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