THIS PAGE IS NOT FOR NON-MEMBER/FRIEND RENTALS.  We are not offering rentals at this time due to COVID. 

PLEASE CHECK THE UUFN Calendar for availability before submitting a request.

  1. All room requests are prioritized by date submitted.
  2. Physical Rooms are available for meetings, with some restrictions due to COVID.  Restrictions are subject to change based on COVID data. You can request a physical room but it is not guaranteed to be available. For COVID-Related Rules, please see .
  3. Please be sure you fill in the fields marked "required." The form will not submit without them.
  4. You will receive an email from Breeze confirming that your request has been sent.
  5. The Program Coordinator will review and confirm via email that your event has been accepted.
  6. Please allow 3 days for Events and Meetings to appear on the website calendar.

Note for people on tablets, phones, or other small screens: If you see a black rectangle, scroll up! That means you missed a required field. Information about which field is in a white box inside the black rectangle but you'll need to scroll up to see it.

For questions/information or adjustments to existing calendar events please contact

Permission to use photos or videos

Please keep our UUFN_PHOTO-VIDEO_PERMISSION_FORM in mind. This gives us permission to use photos or other media from an event on social media or on our website.

You can:

  1. print copies, bring them with you, and return the completed forms to the Office Administrator
  2. OR email the form to people; it's a fillable PDF and they can email it back to you or to the Office Administrator

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