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The Rewrite of UUA Bylaws Article II – Where Our UUA Principles Reside

The UUA has a Bylaws Article II Commission that has circulated concepts for a new Article II. This Bylaw section describes us as UUs and our UU Association.  A full Article II draft in .pdf form can be found on the UUA website at:

The Inclusion, Freedom of Belief, and Purposes are still there – in modified form. They have updated the principles – now called Values and Covenant (forward looking statements). An addition to this section is a graphic of these Values Centered in Love. The Sources are now Inspirations. More information can be found at the UUA Article II Study Resources page.

From the last outreach sessions it was made clear by the Commission that they plan on removing the last sentence in their version of the “Purposes” and will add a “democracy value” to the Values and Covenant section. The Commission is now preparing their proposal to present to the UUA Board in mid-January. The Board will review and maybe amend this proposal and then put in on the June 2023 General Assembly final agenda.

Beginning in March there will be public forums on this draft and likely in May or June there will be GA Mini-assemblies, and this is where GA Delegates suggest amendments. At GA after a debate there will be a vote – a majority sends this final version to GA 2024 (likely a virtual GA) for a final 2/3 vote to make this part of our UUA bylaws.

If the new Article II is adopted each UU congregation will then decide for itself whether they will adopt the various components of the new Article II. Our UU congregations need to send full GA delegate slates to this 2022 GA – this is important.