Rev. Paula’s January Message

Happy New Year everyone! I wonder what 2018 will bring us.

Hopefully, it will be a year of promise and positive change for society at large, and a continued sense of renewed and refreshed community at UUFN.

There are many wonderful programs going on as usual at the Fellowship, but remember that winter is also a time that our mother, Nature, lies fallow in many ways. Let us not be afraid to model her and take a bit of downtime during the coming winter weeks. We may need an attitude of hibernation, just as the rest of the earth in the temperate zone does, in order to break through in full, riotous colors of life in the Spring.

Bundle up for walks, keep candles and fires lit, take time for meditation and reflection, and just be. This may be especially difficult if you’re in the paid labor force full time, but it is possible none the less. It’s important to actually plan the time for this and put it on one’s calendar.

It’s also important that outside of work, we relax our standards around things having to be perfect.

So, again, Happy New Year. May you be happy, healthy, wise, and rested.

Rev. Paula Maiorano