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Reopening! (October 10)

Our first in person service will be Oct 10th at 10:30 at UUFN MacKinnon Hall. This will also be our first hybrid service (simultaneously in person and virtually via Zoom). You can attend either in person or online, whichever you prefer.

If you plan to attend in person, please review what you need to do to participate in an indoor event at UUFN under "Reopening Guidelines: When Inside" below.

If you are planning to remain online and experience the virtual service, it will be the same as our current Virtual Services. You will use the zoom link given to you for that service.

We are working to make this a wonderful experience of worship whether you are in person or online.

A Note From Our Minister

We have the news: our first in-person/Zoom hybrid service will be on October 10! We can celebrate together again! And, with UUFN’s new streaming capabilities, everyone should be able to attend, whether at home or in MacKinnon.

Though our worship services have been high quality online, we’ve been apart too long. Belonging to UUFN has almost felt like maintaining a long-distance relationship – possible, but difficult. We’ve all been delighted and encouraged by the high attendance numbers in Worship. You’ve all done a great job of keeping UUFN a vital and viable community. I hope my increased time in Newark will continue to help me serve and connect with everyone at UUFN.

I can feel the excitement brewing. At the end of Passover Seder services, the cry is “Next year in Jerusalem!” We at UUFN can now say, “Next month in MacKinnon”!

See you then, – Don

A Note From Our President

I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it!! With many thanks to the Pointer Sisters for this wonderful phrase.

We are truly embarking on new space and technology at the Fellowship. Biggest one of all is that we will finally begin to have in-person services on Sunday, October 10. Now, I do know that all of you may still be very anxious about being together, but never fear. We will begin having hybrid services on the 10th. So, what this means is that, yes, you will still be able to join us through the internet, but you will also be able to be with us face-to-face, or I should say mask-to-mask.

As I write this message, our AV team from Spinnakers is installing the computers and cameras which will enable us to have such a wonderful ability to communicate with everyone, on-line or in-person. We will have more details about this after we receive our training on Saturday, October 2. Stay tuned! (If you're interested in receiving training to run these systems, contact Don or Nancy.)

We will also begin to have more “happenings.” On Saturday, October 9, we will have a Bring-Your-Own-Meal gathering. At 4:00 p.m., we will have tables set up in the side parking lot for everyone who cares to join with us. Please bring you own chairs, if possible. If not, we will have chairs in the rack in the hallway by the door. Since Covid-19 has put restrictions on us about a potluck style meal, we still want to sup together, but with our own meals that we bring with us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Then, on Sunday the 10th after the service, we will have a “tailgate” style gathering. Again, in the side parking lot, we will have beverages (think coffee, tea, water) to enjoy. We will continue to have mask-to-mask social time, much like our previous coffee hours after services.

On Sunday, October 3, lay leader meetings will resume after our virtual Sunday service. Everyone is invited to learn what various committees and teams are doing. You are invited to contribute to this sharing. What are your questions and ideas for what the Fellowship is doing or not doing? All are welcome to contribute.

Another comment about mask wearing – When inside the building, we must always wear a mask. This includes the restrooms and office. This is especially important since our young RE members cannot get a vaccination and we need to protect them. They too will be wearing masks when inside the buildings.

As I have already stated, I’m just so excited that we will, at last, begin to Fellowship together either in-person or hybrid!!

I look forward to seeing you!


Reopening Guidelines

When Inside

  • A mask must be worn at all times covering both the mouth and nose. The only exception to this is for those leading and participating in services. They may remove their masks when speaking.
  • All persons entering must sign in with contact information. This is important and there are no exceptions. This information will be used for Contact Tracing in the unlikely event that an attendee or someone close to the attendee is exposed to the virus.
  • You may sing along quietly with your mask on.
  • Restrooms may be used at your discretion. Sanitizing supplies will be available.
  • Food and coffee may not be served inside the church at this time.
  • Chairs will be placed as far apart as possible within the confines of the space. You may move chairs closer for your family (pod) grouping.
  • Only attend Fellowship if you are non-symptomatic for the Covid-19 virus or any other transmittable disease that could compromise the health of another congregant.
  • Please be mindful of everyone’s comfort level and ask before approaching or touching others.

When Outside

  • While outside at a church event, masks are optional. We encourage everyone to have a mask readily available. Many people have reasons for continuing to wear a mask even if vaccinated. If you prefer to wear a mask please do so, and if you see someone else with a mask on (they have their own reasons) please offer to wear yours.
  • We will not require any specific physical distancing, but encourage an atmosphere of caution and culture of respect.