UUFN Members are required to make and honor a pledge to the annual operation budget.

UUFN Friends are encouraged to pledge, but are not required to do so.

UUA offers a Suggested Fair-Share Contribution Guide.

If you are unsure about something regarding pledging, send your question in an email to

UUFN Financial Pledge:

    I/We hereby pledge (express my/our financial commitment)
    to UUFN for the UUFN Fiscal Year July 2021 - June 2022
    to give $ total for the year,
    to be paid as follows:.

    Please contact me about my automatic payment. I understand I will need to update the request.Please contact me for credit card or to arrange to start automatic payments.Please contact me with instructions to donate appreciated securities.Please contact me about my interest in giving UUFN a major financial gift through my will, trust, insurance/IRA beneficiary designation or other estate planning document.


    After you Send, you may go to [DONATE] if you wish.


    Note: The spam checking we recently enabled caused some problems with the pledge form. If you run into any problems with it, please email webmaster at Please be as clear as possible about what seemed to go wrong. “The form didn’t work” is not as helpful as “I got the email response from the treasurer but the form page never said the form was submitted.”