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Pledge Drive – March 2019

News from the stewardship committee.
To date 80% of UUFN’s membership units have pledged. Our pledged amount is $166,439. This is $4,000 higher than what was pledged for 2018. Our goal is for 100% of our pledging membership units to make a pledge for 2019. This is exciting news for UUFN!!

The pledge drive is over but we are still taking pledges. We need pledges from every member and as many friends as possible.

If you have questions, please contact the stewardship committee at

Want to make your pledge online?  No problem!  Simply fill out the 2020 church year pledge form.

If you have misplaced or never received a pledge card, No Problem either! Just click on the link to download the pdf version of the card and print out your own (Make sure to print it two-sided)  Pledge Card UUFN 2019 .