UUFN Pastoral Care is here for you

All congregations provide help in various ways to their members.

Sometimes the requests are for tangible assistance such as meals after an operation, or the birth of a child, or a ride to a doctor’s office, or home from a hospital. In that case, please contact the Helping Hands committee at helpinghands@uufn.org.

But sometimes your needs are less tangible, such as facing a spiritual or family crisis, bereavement, apprehension of an impending operation or other challenges, and would benefit from a presence in your life in addition to family and friends

What If . . .

you had expanded compassionate support and the time to talk completely through the issue?

What If . . .

you could explain everything to someone who wants to hear the whole thing all the way through, the entire range of your experience, and you could finish your thoughts without interruption?

What If . . .

you could meet with someone who has respect for your spiritual needs, who cares about your distress, who is a part of your fellowship, and would hold your situation in strict confidence?

This is what our Pastoral Caregivers are here to do. Please consider contacting us at pastoralcare@uufn.org.