Passing the Torch: Leadership Development in Your Congregation

This free online course has five modules that you complete at your own pace.
Module 1: Leadership Development as Part of the Membership Journey
Module 2: Leadership for the 21st Century UU Congregations
Module 3: How Do We Prepare Our Leaders?
Module 4: The Five J’s of Leadership Development
Module 5: Tools to Create a Leadership Development Team

Provides Insight and help you to:
• Understand how congregational leadership differs from leadership in corporations or non-religious non-profit organizations.
• Imagine paths to leadership in your congregation as part of a larger plan of faith formation.
• Encourage a culture that nurtures new leaders that include youth, young adults and people of color.
• Develop a community of learning and reflection that appreciates new ideas and is patient with the small failures that come with
• Advance your seasoned leaders into new roles where they nurture new leaders.
• Develop a three year plan to help guide your congregation through this transformation.

This is a short, sample course that does not have quizzes, live sessions or an in-person component. There is no charge for this course, but you must be a registered participant on the UU Leadership Institute website at