Joining in the work of the fellowship is a wonderful way to connect with people!

You don't have to be an expert; whatever your time and abilities, you will be making a contribution that matters. When you get involved, you make friends, make a place for yourself, and make a difference.

There are volunteer opportunities to fit every schedule and interest – committee membership or one-time jobs, tasks behind the scenes or in the limelight, service within the congregation or to the broader community.

You don't have to be a Member to participate. Contact a committee chair at any time during the year to express your interest, or simply attend an event announced in the newsletter or on our calendar.

If you don't already receive our weekly newsletter and would like to, you can sign up online.


The annual Service Auction is the largest UUFN fundraiser of the year, and it usually raises enough to pay all UUFN expenses for 1 month.

Volunteers are needed (no experience necessary)!

You can help in advance:

  • help with publicity
  • help donors compose item descriptions
  • use the computer to enter donations
  • create the catalog, bid sheets, invoices, and thank you letters to donors

And/or help the night of the auction:

  • decorate
  • obtain food and  prepare/assemble/serve/sell plates for auction goers the night of the big event
  • greet bidders and give them their bid number
  • be in skits
  • set up/clean up

And with only TWO committee meetings over 3 months’ time – the most efficient committee at UUFN!

The Communication Team works with our media outlets (print, email, the website, and social media), and manages the Breeze Church Management System. We're a good home for people with a range of design, analysis, or technical skills.

Our goal is to help create and sustain the connection among members of our spiritual community and with the larger community of which we are a part.

The Fellowship Team's Mission is to build, enhance, and deepen the connections among members, both through activities initiated by us and by helping other committees with their activities. The team plans a wide range of social events.

The Green Sanctuary Team works on various initiatives to help our buildings and grounds be more environmentally sustainable.

Working with Delaware Interfaith Power and Light and Energize Delaware, we have decreased our carbon footprint in many ways.

Using the practices of Dr. Doug Tallamy for increasing native plants to help the environment, and working with our own Landscape Team, we have planted and maintain many gardens with native plants as well as leading programs for both adults and children to learn about and remove non-native invasive plants from our property.

We are always looking for new enthusiasm, energy, and ideas and we welcome you to email us with questions and ideas of your own!

Helping Hands can be called on to help in times of crisis. They also help with Memorial Services.

Through the Hope Dining Room Team, UUFN provides about 40-50 meals on the fourth Thursday of every month except November (Hope is closed on Thanksgiving Day).

You can help out once, twice, or sign on for life!! The crew is established on a month-to-month basis.

No experience necessary!

The Hospitality Team takes care of the vital UU Coffee Hour, a time when UUFN Community members chat about the sermon, catch up with friends, and welcome newcomers. Coffee Hour is held immediately following Sunday morning services. The team sets up, serves, and cleans up beverages and light snacks.

Solvitur ambulando
“It is Solved By Walking”

The Labyrinth Team creates and hosts Labyrinth walks both indoors and outdoors.

The labyrinth is a one-way path that leads you, like your own life, around and about and by putting one foot in front of the other, you can get to the center and find inspiration. Labyrinths have been found all over the world and some of them are thousands of years old. This form of walking meditation is peaceful, joyful, and inspirational.

Recently it has been difficult to have labyrinth walks because of the pandemic, but we have used creative ideas to continue this spiritual practice. We created a chalk labyrinth in our parking lot for World Labyrinth Day and hosted a walk at the outdoor labyrinth at the University of Delaware Star Campus. When possible, we host indoor labyrinths on our beautiful 40 foot diameter canvas labyrinth in our main hall about four times a year. These are free and open to the public. We also have lead workshops on the history of labyrinth, how to walk a Labyrinth, and SoulCollage on the labyrinth.

We are always looking for new ideas and inspiration to contribute to the spiritual paths of people looking for ways to do walking meditation.

The Landscape Team takes loving care of UUFN's beautiful grounds.

Among other things, the Landscape Team arranges Landscape Work Parties, which you can find on our web calendar. UUFNers and friends come to help with general maintenance of gardens and grounds--weeding, trimming, invasive plant removal, etc.

The Pastoral Care Team helps members with less tangible needs, such as facing a spiritual or family crisis, bereavement, apprehension of an impending operation or other challenges, and would benefit from a presence in your life in addition to family and friends.

The Share the Plate subgroup of the Social Justice Team is responsible for the half of our Sunday service collection that goes toward Social Justice and support of non-profit organizations in our area doing good for others, protecting our environment, and addressing humanitarian issues.

Social justice is the core value through which Unitarian Universalists live our belief in the inherent dignity and worth of all individuals.

The Social Justice Team pays attention to keeping us engaged in a number of grass-roots initiatives to advance justice for our neighbors as well as for the wider world.

Social Media

The Social Media team is a key part of UUFN's "face to the world."

The team posts regularly to our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The Stewardship Team, Newcomers & Membership Team, and Finance Committee work together to continue a financially sustainable future for UUFN. This integration of efforts enhances communications among the committees and teams.

Web Team

The Web Team is a key part of UUFN's "face to the world." Among the things we do are:

  • Design, create, and maintain UUFN's WordPress-based website.
  • Post upcoming events and services to the website, so people can quickly find how who we are and what's happening at UUFN.
  • Make sure the work of the other teams and committees gets to the people it needs to reach, both within our congregation and in the larger world.
  • Make sure the media (images, video, and audio) on the website reflect UUFN--who we are and who we want to become. Sometimes we locate media we're legally allowed to use; sometimes we create our own media.

Why I'm on this team: It helps me maintain old tech skills and develop news ones--while doing something useful. I get to meet people from across the Fellowship as the web team updates content for all the different areas that make up UUFN. And the team members are fun to work with and I enjoy seeing what we are able to accomplish together!  (Tery Griffin)

The team is largely organized on a task basis: one person is responsible for posting services ahead of time, so we all know what's coming in the next weeks. Another person is responsible for posting service videos. Someone else focuses on helping us find images.

The team meets via Zoom once per month (and not everyone who helps with the site needs to come to the meeting). Beyond that, work done on the website is done on your own, as you have time.

What we'd love help with now: 

  • We're interested in adding Orders of Service with live links to at least some of the services on our site. See the Order of Service section on this page as an example: What We Love Can be Saved by Rev. Amy Beltaine Jan 9, 2022. We'd like to have one person who could do that. This person would only be responsible for the order of service; we already have people to handle the videos and put the post on the site. The Order of Service already exists so it's mostly a matter of locating and linking to the music and videos.
  • Although we have people working on the service videos, video processing takes time so we sometimes have a backlog. We are also aware that we need more short videos across the entire site. If you enjoy working with video, this is a good team for you!

The Worship Team is the soul of the congregation. We plan services, act as worship associates, usher, and more.

We meet every week on zoom, and look for interesting topics, craft services, and brainstorm ideas that would be of interest to our members.

Are you creative, do you have new ideas? We would love to have you join on our link to see other opportunities to get connected.