Metaphysical Exploration Series: Exploring Runes, Feb 2, 7-9pm

Welcome to UUFN’s Metaphysical Exploration series: Exploring Runes by Kathy W.

The runes are an ancient alphabet that is full of cultural power, and deep meaning over the ages. People have used them for various purposes beyond writing. They are found in protection, divination, manifestation, and healing work. They are a treasure trove of wisdom for those open to the experience.

In this session, we’ll step upon the rune road together with an introduction to the runes, then engage in several exercises to expand our knowledge and practice interacting with them.

Bring a journal, a pen, an open mind, and runes if you have them (if not, we have some you can use for the session). We look forward to sharing this experience you.

Location: Mackinnon Hall at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Newark.

Questions? Contact Nancy at