Media Release Form for Members and Friends

All of our media will look better if it looks like us, which is difficult to do using generic photos off the internet.

If you have not filled out our UUFN_PHOTO-VIDEO_PERMISSION_FORM, please consider doing so.

This form gives us permission (or denies permission) to use photos or other media from an event in print, on social media, or on our website.

This is a fillable PDF, so you can download it, fill it out, and email it to the Office Administrator.

Or, if you prefer, you can print the form, fill it out by hand and return the completed forms to the Office Administrator.

About the UUFN and media

  1. Simply filling out the release form does not mean you're giving permission to use your image. Filling out the form gives you the opportunity to make your wishes known. The form includes options for different media, including an option that says NO, do not use images of me in any context.
  2. The web team has a policy of not putting people's names in the captions of most photos. Exceptions would include Rev. Garrett, Andrea Harding, and times when we can't help but identify the person--like, they're the person giving the service and gave us a photo for their bio. So, a photo of the choir, for instance, might be captioned "UUFN Choir" but would not be captioned "UUFN Choir including members John Doe, Mary Smith, etc."