Leadership Training

UU Leadership Institute (UULI) offers online courses for highly self-motivated lay leaders and religious professionals who thrive on learning new competencies and concepts. The courses are low-cost and accessible anytime. Try one of four core courses: Faithful Leadership, Centered Leadership, Strategic Leadership, and Adaptive Leadership. Courses are offered in eight sessions released during a 16-week period. Participants spend two to three hours per week with the materials, then self-organize discussions with other participants in congregations, clusters or regions. Participants can have discussions in-person or online. Finishing each course earns you a certificate and is helpful for aspiring religious professionals looking to build vocational experience. A broad variety of other course topics are available. Visit the UULI website to register for the Winter/Spring Semester January 26 – April 30, 2018.


This information is facilitated in part by fair share contributions of other congregations to the UUA/JPD Annual Program Fund.


Glen Schmiesing

Former Co-chair, UUFN Denominational Affairs