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Feb 2, 2022: Imbolc Ritual

UUFN has regular Earth-Centered services, and the schedule for Imbolc 2023 is here.

Join us in Zoom Room W on Wednesday, February 2, 2022. Virtual doors open at 6:50pm, ritual begins at 7:00 pm.

This Ritual is being advertised to the larger Community.

You will be sent a link the day of the ritual. Do not share your link.

For your friends to join, email and ask for Imbolc link by 02/01/22

Celebrating Imbolc via Zoom

Imbolc is first spring. It is a time of hope, healing, & community. The sacred wheel of life is moving toward the light.

Join us as we honor the Goddess Brigid and celebrate Imbolc.

We will call the quarters, engage in several rituals, including learning how to scry, a meditation, songs and chants, & end with a social time with snacks & beverages.

There are two ways to be at this ritual: You can tune in & just observe, (you are welcome to do so) or you can participate in the ritual along with the practitioners.

If you want to participate, we recommend you do the following ahead of time:

  • Wear white clothing.
  • Have a table space for your altar.
  • Have a taper candle (make sure your candle is on a fire safe surface).
  • Have water (moon water, UUFN water, tap water, your own special water).
  • Have a few drops of milk (plant milk is ok) kept separate.
  • Have seeds of any kind.
  • Have a scrying bowl, black mirror or crystal ball. (A Scrying bowl about the size of a soup bowl that is black or very dark; if you don’t have that, a clear bowl placed on a black surface or cloth will suffice.)
  • Have cake & ale (snack & beverage to enjoy for social time & grounding)