The Helping Hands committee was once known as the Caring Committee. The new name reflects their mission more accurately.

The Helping Hands meet monthly. Check the UUFN calendar for our current schedule.

Email to contact The Helping Hands.

In a time of crisis, the Helping Hands may be called upon to:

  • Prepare and deliver a meal;
  • Provide transportation to the doctor or hospital;
  • Provide transportation to the grocery store;
  • Visit at the hospital or at home;
  • Call the ill or housebound;
  • Inform the congregation about emergency needs;
  • Provide information about long-term resources for assistance.


Memorial Services

The Helping Hands Committee organizes the reception following the memorial service, where we provide and serve light refreshments.

More Resources

The Helping Hands team can provide information about:

  • Meals on Wheels
  • FISH drivers to take you to appointments
  • Grocery stores that deliver
  • Pharmacies that deliver
  • In-home care services
  • Special needs equipment