Green Sanctuary Update

Current circumstances cause us to end magazine table and recycle help indefinitely. Recycle generated within the UUFN building can be recycled in the bins provided. Delaware Solid Waste has opened a recycle center in the Pencader Industrial Park (470 Corporate Blvd. Newark, DE 19702, web site below). It has the full range of collection: Styrofoam, electronics, motor oil, cardboard, and Single Stream. There is a weekly collection of household hazardous waste and paper shredding. This is the suggested recycle location in Newark. (I have not noted anyone looking at license plates to see if people are from Delaware.)

We collect used computer printer ink cartridges and copier ink cartridges. We recycle to Staples to get credit to use to buy for RE. There is a “jug” in the MacKinnon front entry.

Traditionally, people change smoke detector batteries when they reset their clocks at time change in spring and fall. We will arrange a special collection of batteries at those times. In addition, we will help recycle old smoke detectors. These should not go into the trash. People should consider one of the new smoke detectors which have a 10-year battery life. They are available at home stores like Home Depot at a price comparable to the old smoke detectors.