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February Message from Rev Paula Maiorano

All over the country, UU people are celebrating 30 days of “Siding with Love” (formerly Standing on the Side of Love) from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday through Valentine’s Day.

While “Siding with Love” is a year-round effort, these 30 days are set aside for intentionality of observances of love.

There are so many aspects to the word love. On Valentine’s Day, we usually celebrate romantic love, friendship, and love of family.

I believe our focus with the “Siding with Love” campaign is more about transforming love. By this I mean the love that changes everything.

February is also African American History month. We know that MLK Jr’s love was for the promise of a holistic people and society, where everyone was a full and equal citizen of the United States. We also know that his love was so powerful that he worked for his vision even in the face of death.

We, more ordinary people, may not want to choose martyrdom, but let us be called by the life and death of Martin Luther King, Jr. to advance a love which transforms.

Let us show up in ways that go beyond our usual limits. Let us learn more, become more aware, act for racial alliances and justice, and in all ways let it be known that we believe in the Promised Land, where all people share in the grace and bounty that today are reserved for only some people.

As we recently sang with Hymn # 121, Let us build a land where we bind up the broken, where the captives go free, where the oil of gladness dissolves all mourning, and believe that a promised land can be.

May all be well with you,

Rev Paula Maiorano