Science and Religion with Dr. Alan Fox

Update: The series has been a great success and we thank everyone who attended.  We have one talk left on Thursday, November 1st.  Dr. Fox will explore Islam, the philosophy, the politics and why understanding this particular religion is important in America today.
Dr. Alan Fox, a philosophy professor at UD, will share his expertise, experience, and energy with us as he discusses the fascinating and complicated relationship between Religion and Science.
This is a 5-part series – the dates are 5 consecutive Thursday evenings:
  • October 4 – A historical review of the relationship between science and religion and how this is reflected in contemporary society.
  • October 11 – Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and their relationship to Science.
  • October 18 – Modern Physics and Samkhya.
  • October 25 – Daoism and Science, and the Brain and Spirituality.
  • November 1 – Perspectives on Islam.

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His last series at UUFN was a community block-buster to an overflowing crowd! You won’t want to miss this.  Dr. Fox has also participated in our “Understanding Islam” series from 2016 (excerpt below).
This series is free and open to the public, but free-will offerings will be gratefully accepted to cover the cost of the series.




Because seating in the hall is limited and Alan Fox events are exceptionally popular please reserve a seat for each week you will attend using the link below: