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DonSense – September 2019

By Rev. Don Garrett

I greet you with joy and anticipation. The joy comes from the warmth of your welcome and the opportunity to explore new vistas together. The anticipation comes from the excitement of looking forward to how all this is going to unfold. I am delighted to be your new minister. As I write this column, I’m still basking in the warmth of the UUFN welcome I received on Wednesday, August 14 – my first day.

And, boy did we do a lot on that day. First was with Anne Schriever and Marie Laberge to sign all the necessary paperwork and receive the Master Key to the Fellowship building. Next was a meeting with Pastoral Care to get a sense of how that program is working and where I would fit in.

This was followed by a session with my SRST (Staff Resource and Support Team). Then I spent a delightful half-hour with your Coordinator of Religious Education, Andrea Harding, getting to know what’s been going on and where I can help. Then came a time with the Worship Committee to plan the schedule for next few months and iron out the wrinkles for the August 18 Sunday service.

Then I had the opportunity to visit with those known as the “Outrageous Owls,” a wonderful group that welcomed me warmly and helped to make me feel especially at home. This was followed by a time with Leidy Guerrero, your Office Administrator as we began what is certain to be a great working relationship.

Then came dinner! Board President, Carol Boncelet, treated me to a fine Chinese meal at a nearby restaurant, giving us time to get to know each other in a relaxed setting. Of course, when the meal was over, it was time for my first Board meeting, introducing me to the various issues of change and governance that are underway to help make UUFN an even more vital community.

Here’s my basic schedule of when I’ll be at UUFN, subject to change as needed:

• Lead services twice a month on the 2nd & 4th Sundays, available afternoons as well;
• Office hours/meetings mid-day through the evening on the first four Wednesdays of the month.

I have the sense that we could well be on the brink of something wonderful. Let’s find out together!

Yours in the faith,

– Don