We dedicate our gifts to the work of this nurturing community,

For where our treasure is, there our heart is also.

Our Covenant of Right Relations recalls our promise to be generous with our time, talent and money, thus taking responsibility for the viability of the congregation. This takes many forms.

  • We pledge our support annually.
  • We donate when the plate is passed during worship services (one half of the collected offerings are donated to a local charity).
  • We offer services for the Annual Service Auction.

Annual Pledge

Pay Pledge Online

You may pay your pledge here.

Click on the Special Note provided by PayPal to indicate that it is for your Pledge.

Please include the fiscal year, for example, "1st Quarter pledge payment, 2021-2022

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Service Auction

Offer goods or services for the Annual Service Auction.

Planned Giving through Wills

We also encourage our members to remember the Fellowship in their will. Planned giving is a lasting way to give back to the community.

Donate from IRA

Another opportunity involves taking advantage of IRS rules that allow anyone age 70 and a half to donate the money--that must come out of an IRA--to the UUFN and collect a charitable deduction.

Please note that donations of property, and donations that are directed to a particular program of the Fellowship must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Share the Plate

Our Pledges support the day-to-day operation of the UUFN. Every Sunday half of the collection at our service goes toward Social Justice and support of non-profit organizations in our area doing good for others, protecting our environment, and addressing humanitarian issues.

If you are aware of an organization that is aligned with our values and would benefit from our support please contact the Social Justice Committee.

History of Giving

You can see a history of our giving over the years on our Share the Plate page.