COVID19 Resource List from Helping Hands

Hello from UUFN Helping Hands. 

This is a list of information and resources on essential services you could use to keep yourself safe during this time of COVID-19. There is a lot of info out there about what organizations are doing to help, this is an effort to consolidate that info into one place so it might be helpful to our congregation.  Also – it is good to think about an emergency plan in advance, just in case.

Grocery shopping (InstaCart, Shipt, Amazon and others; stores and restaurants that deliver, Helping Hands & Pastoral Care folks that are willing and able to help out.) Pharmacy delivery

Governmental programs offering assistance
Delaware Helpline – Dial 211
Delaware Public Health 1-866-408-1899
Food – Meals On Wheels (302) 656-3257
Food Bank (302) 292-1305
Unemployment benefits
Emergency financial assistance
Police Senior Roll Call Lifeline Program 302-395-8159
Newark Police Non-Emergency #(302) 366-7111
Smart 911
NAMI Helpline 888-427-2643
Senior Activity Center leave a message (302) 737-2336 they will call back

Facebook –  follow New Castle County, Town Hall Meetings

Transportation – public transportation if social distancing can be maintained – that includes trains, buses, paratransit, taxi. Could possibly call police non-emergency #.

Social media video call resources – Google Hangout. Messenger, Zoom and Snap Chat to do video calls. Face Time. Talking to others can really lift your spirits! Keep in touch – call, email friends and family, send cards – Reach Out! Keep a journal, listen to music.

YMCA is offering virtual classes to members and non-members

Spiritual resources
Online services
Church of the Larger Fellowship, other places of worship that have services on the internet.
Meditation and yoga sites
Walk outside every day – alone or with a friend – using social distancing.
Exercise is so important to be healthy and relieve stress!