Communication Team

Pat Field (comm at is the current leader of the Communication Team.

The Communication Team is charged with creating and sustaining the connection among members of our spiritual community and with the larger community of which we are a part. A major new resource for our connections among Members and Friends is our Breeze Church Management System, which is accessed at, where you can log in using your personal username and password.

Need to get a message out to the UUFN community about something? The Team maintains several outlets to disseminate information, solicit input, and foster discussion.  If you are new to all this, please take a moment to read about your options below. If you are an old hand, we now have a new form (The Publications Submission Form) that allows you to access all the venues at the same time. To access, please click here. If you are planning an event, you may also need or wish to place it on the UUFN Calendar. To go to the calendar, please click here.


There are many ways to communicate your message at UUFN.
Need to Communicate a message at UUFN? Here are some ways to do that.



Our monthly newsletter, Connections

This is our space to discuss committee/team achievements and plans, to hear from our Worship Committee on the month’s spiritual practice, to hear about upcoming events, and other important items! This e-newsletter is sent at the end of each month and is a vital communication tool for our members. We welcome all kinds of UUFN-related news. To submit an article or announcement, you simply need to submit the content using the Publication Submission Form by the 15th of the month for the following month’s newsletter. If you wish to communicate with the editor of Connections directly, please send email to: Currently, Pat Field is editing this publication.



Weekly E-mail UUpdate

Each Friday, an e-newsletter is sent featuring information on the next service and any upcoming events. It’s a great way to get out late-breaking information, as well. These messages are short and sweet, recommended to be 110 words or less. Submit  your content by Wednesday using the Publication Submission Form.  If you wish to contact the UUpdate editor directly, please send email to uupdate at Currently, Pat Field is editing this publication. 


Notice in the Order of Service

The Order of Service is distributed to all people attending Sunday services. It includes information on the service, a calendar and blurbs on events in the upcoming week. Submit your announcement using the Publications Submission Form by Wednesday at 12:00 noon.  The Order of Service notices are managed by our Office Administrator, Leidy Guerrero,  who may contacted at officeadmin at or 302.368.2984.

Website Post

Another way to get your message out is to have it appear on our website as a website news post.  To do this, please use the  Publication Submission Form.

Note: If you are using multiple outlets to publicize your event or activity, please note that you can do all of the above at the same time and that this is strongly preferred.


There is an official UUFN facebook page managed by the Communication Committee.
UUFN’s Communication Committee does manage the Official UUFN Facebook page.


Facebook announcements are usually pulled from the monthly Connections Newsletter, the weekly UUpdate email, and Order of Service announcements. However, if you have something special you would like posted on the official UUFN Facebook Page please email socialmedia at Indicate in the email that you would like the item posted on Facebook.


Post a notice on the Bulletin Board

Leave your notice in the office in the Office Administrator’s mailbox with a note.

Coffee Hour

Groups always have the option of setting up a table at coffee hour on Sunday to distribute their information. It’s a great way to connect!