Category: Social Justice

Green Sanctuary Update

Current circumstances cause us to end magazine table and recycle help indefinitely. Recycle generated within the UUFN building can be recycled in the bins provided. Delaware Solid Waste has opened a recycle center in the Pencader Industrial Park (470 Corporate Blvd. Newark, DE 19702, web … read more.

Share the Plate – September – UU the Vote

Our Pledges support the day-to-day operation of the UUFN.
In September half of our weekly, non-pledge offerings will support our Social Justice Team working with the UUA outreach program, “UU the Vote”.
UU the Vote is a non- partisan effort aimed at reaching out to … read more.

UU the VOTE!!!

The UUFN has written and mailed over 1,000 postcards to swing state and disenfranchised voters since August and we’re ready to do more! In this time of pandemic, there is data to show that a hand-written postcard can really make a difference.
Contact … read more.


In cooperation with Friendship House, we provide assistance to the homeless in the Newark area. For us, homeless is defined as anyone who doesn’t have control over their surroundings: living on the street, in transitory housing, with friends or family or in transitional housing. Our … read more.