April Message from Rev Paula Maiorano

The Season of Extravagance

With buds, blooms, and showers, April begins
the season of Spring Extravagance, a time of transformation, a time of riotous colors, when Mother Nature wears her mantle of abundance.

UUFN’s services and activities are organized to help you meet the coming of Spring in a way that fulfills the promises and calls of this season of extravagance. From Transformation Sunday (Easter in some traditions) to celebrating Earth Day, to rising to the call for the promise and practice of our faith, to finding beauty in imperfections, April at UUFN is a month of change that challenges us to the renewal of our hearts and actions.

The month ends with the April 28 conference from the Coalition to Dismantle the New Jim Crow, a ministry of UUFN’s Social Justice Committee and my personal volunteer hours. The conference is a call for Power and Change: Dismantling Racism through Community Action.

The Coalition’s conference is free to the public (registration is required), so as to not discriminate between the haves and the have-nots, and includes free continental breakfast and lunch. I am told we will not be disappointed by the keynote speaker, Dr. Barbara Love, and her path to creating a liberatory consciousness, which requires participation by all races to create change. (See details of the conference, its breakout sessions, registration, and Dr. Love’s biography at EndNewJimCrowDE.org)

Indeed, let us make April a month of extravagant multi-racial beauty as well as inaugurating the season of transformation and hope, of riotous natural beauty and color.

Happy Spring,
Rev Paula Maiorano