ALL Fellowship Day of Service & Play! – Sat. Oct. 26

Saturday, October 26 – ALL Fellowship Day of Service & Play!

Please come help maintain our building and grounds. We are a Fellowship – and that means we are all in this together! We will have tasks for all skill levels and interests. Plus it’s a great way to get to know your fellow UUFNers. You can sign up at coffee hour.


Our Founders chose to be a Fellowship and we have remained thus to this day. We agree that we will run our own church, create its bylaws and maintain its land and building ourselves, In so doing, we build a fellowship of people who care for one another beyond Sunday services, activities and coffee hour.

The founders built Fellowship Hall themselves by working all together. In so doing, they formed a strong group and made friendships and “families of choice” which lasted their lifetimes

We are still a fellowship and have withstood the tests of time. We have the same opportunity today that they did. Our spiritual home, just like our individual homes, needs us all to maintain it. There has been, in the past, a practice of a monthly gathering day for all to participate in maintaining the buildings and grounds of our wonderful UUFN. We will be having such a day on Saturday, September 14th when we can come together to do things such as repair things that have broken, need cleaning or maintenance. In so doing, we can follow the Founders example which created our beautiful home here. By sharing the day, a luncheon and working together we can get to know one another more than a quick chat over coffee can provide. This will give us an opportunity to deepen relationships with one another and to integrate newer members more fully in the process.

There will be a list at coffee hour for everyone to see how each can contribute their own skills and time to the tasks of the day. Please sign up soon so we can plan ahead for tools and supplies that will be needed. Also, very important, we need to plan for the midday meal and coffee at 9 AM. Can’t have UUs start without the obligatory communion of the day.

Hope all will turn out to work and play together and get to know each other more fully through a Day of Service to the UUFN.

Please sign up at coffee hour and choose a job that inspires you.