UUFN Staff

The Office Administrator can help with most things and is often the best person to contact first.

The Office Administrator can be reached at officeadmin@uufn.org.

Rev. Donald Garrett

Contact our Minister, Rev. Donald Garrett, at minister@uufn.org,

Andrea Harding

Contact Andrea Harding, our Director of Religious Education, at dre@uufn.org.

New Visitor or Want to Join?

Contact our Membership Committee at membership@uufn.org.

Compassionate Support

Contact our Pastoral Care Team at pastoralcare@uufn.org.

Contact our Helping Hands Team at helpinghands@uufn.org.

Social Activities / Community Events

Contact our Program Coordinator at programs@uufn.org.

Contact our Fellowship Team at fellowship@uufn.org.

The Lunch Bunch meets every Tuesday, currently via Zoom. Contact them at lunchbunch@uufn.org.

Education (Children and Adults)
Andrea Harding

Contact Andrea Harding, our Director of Religious Education, at dre@uufn.org.

Contact our Youth Advisor at youthadvisor@uufn.org.

Financial Issues

Contact the Finance Committee at finance@uufn.org.

Contact the Treasurer at treasurer@uufn.org.

Contact the Bookkeeper at bookkeeper@uufn.org.

Contact the Endowment Committee at endowment@uufn.org.

Contact the Stewardship Team at stewardship@uufn.org.

Social Justice

The Social Justice Team can be reached at socialjustice@uufn.org.

Contact the Hope Dining Room Team at hopediningroom@uufn.org.

Contact the Welcoming Congregation Team at welcoming@uufn.org.


Contact our Worship Team at worship@uufn.org.

Contact our Chalice Circles Team at chalicecircles@uufn.org.

Contact our Labyrinth Team at labyrinth@uufn.org.

Contact our Zen Meditation Team at zen@uufn.org.

Communications & Publications

For questions about Breeze (the church management software), contact breezehelp@uufn.org .

For publication submission for the newsletter, weekly emails, etc. USE Breeze Software (https://uufn.breezechms.com/form/49b1dc).

Contact the Communications Team at comm@uufn.org.

Requests to have something published on Facebook, Instagram, etc. should be submitted through Breeze (uufn.breezechms.com/forms/all).

Contact the Social Media Team (Facebook, Instagram) at socialmedia@uufn.org.

Report problems with the website by contacting the webmaster at webmaster at uufn.org

If you have a change you want made to the website, submit that through the Multi-Publications Form in Breeze (https://uufn.breezechms.com/forms/all). If the web team needs images or more information, someone from the team will contact you.

Property/Building Use & Grounds

Contact the Property Team at property@uufn.org.

Contact the Landscape Team at landscape@uufn.org.

Contact the Campus Safety Team at security@uufn.org.

Contact the Hospitality Team at hospitality@uufn.org.


Contact our Board of Directors at board@uufn.org.

Contact the President of the Board at president@uufn.org.

Contact the Leadership Development Team at leadership@uufn.org.

Contact the Long Range Planning Team at lrp@uufn.org.

Contact Association Affairs (UUA, CERG, cluster) at associationaffairs@uufn.org.