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65 Years of Fellowship, Worship, and Social Justice!

In October 1955, the first “Newark Branch of the Wilmington Unitarian Church” held a service in what is now known as the “Academy/Christina School District Building” on Main Street in Newark. There were about 24 people there and the group had an annual budget of $675. Early services were lay-led and included taped sermons from Wilmington’s minister, Rev. John MacKinnon. The group met in various locations around town and joked that they had an “edifice complex”, before purchasing our current property on the unpaved Willa Road in 1962 for $22,500, and building Fellowship Hall in 1963. Fahs Hall was completed in 1969 and MacKinnon Hall in 1993. Through many ministers, many DRE’s, many members and many ups and downs, UUFN is here today with much to celebrate.

In honor of our 65th birthday and our tradition of Social Justice, we dedicate this stained glass window, featuring our Mother Earth held in a loving embrace.
“People are like stained glass windows – they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed by the light within” -Elizabeth Kubler-Ross