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March Message from Rev Paula Maiorano

Expanding Our UUFN Culture of Care

When I have spoken with people at UUFN, I have found each of you to be people of caring hearts. However, you also have sometimes expressed that there are times when people will fall through the cracks and not receive the care that is available.

There is now good news that will strengthen our network of care.

Both our Pastoral Care and Helping Hands Committees have renewed energy to expand the caring heart at the center of UUFN. Each member has already received, or will receive, a letter from your pastoral caregiver, explaining the proactive side of Pastoral Care. The letter is from your pastoral caregiver who will be reaching out and checking in with you from time to time just to see how things are going. And you will have a specific person to reach out to, when you are in time of need.

Helping Hands and Pastoral Care together will be encouraging the whole congregation to be a part of our caring connections. When your pastoral caregiver learns of an issue or celebration in your life then, with your permission, she or he will let others know. In this way, more people will know what’s happening in your life here at UUFN and can reach out with acknowledgement, help, or celebration.

Helping Hands is now actively expanding its list of volunteers. So if you want to assist in a more formal way with rides, meals, memorial services, and in a multitude of ways to help when needed, let them know you want to be added to the list using

I am hopeful that this expansion of the UUFN culture of care will strengthen the wellbeing of our community and increase the feeling of connection for all.

May all be well with you,

Rev Paula Maiorano