A Culture of Service

One of the great joys of the UUFN is the community. We form community through being together and doing things together. Performing services for each other, the UUFN, and the greater community is what a Culture of Service is about. How do we do this … read more.

Take Time for Celebrations!

Celebrations big and small are important to honor our experiences, milestones, and achievements – both as individuals and as a congregation. The why, what, and how of their importance are explored in this celebratory service.

Autumn Holidays

Mid-autumn, many cultures celebrate holidays related to death. In Mexico, Day of the Dead is a three-day national holiday honoring ancestors and deceased loved ones. We’ll explore what we can learn from these holidays and honor our own UU ancestors. Special music by classical guitarist … read more.

Labyrinth Dedication Service

The Labyrinth is a simple, yet powerful tool for meditation, centering and Inspiration. The Fellowship has a beautiful, deep forest green labyrinth, but this is actually our second labyrinth. This year, the Labyrinth Committee created a new labyrinth from the remnants of the Fellowship’s original, … read more.