Afraid of Church?

Afraid of Church? Did you know that there is a condition known as “ecclesiaphobia?” It’s a real diagnosable condition that is characterized by shortness of breath, shaking, resistance to anything that looks like a church. How do you know you’ve got ecclesiaphobia? Do you have ecclesiaphobia even hearing the word “church?”

Wisdom and Where to Find It.

Where do you go to find solutions to moral or ethical dilemmas, or for help in dealing with emotional and spiritual challenges?  How do you define wisdom?  Have you tried fortune cookies, Dr. Oz, astrology, religious texts, the Magic 8-Ball, Poor Richard’s Almanack, or the writings on subway walls all to no avail?  Maybe there’s … Continued

Surprise Service

Sometimes surprises can be fun. A description for this week’s service is not yet available. Perhaps it will get posted before the service, perhaps not. Waiting to see can be a spiritual practice in patience…

Connection, Gratitude and FUN

The RE Program – committee, teachers and children – will be sharing our joy of learning together and being together with our beloved congregation. Join us for a morning of connection as we celebrate our religious education teachers and spend time remembering what’s really important. The service will be followed by a luncheon for RE … Continued