April 2- A Time for Transformation (Intergenerational & Child Dedication) 10am Rev Andrew Weber

Join us this morning as we celebrate spring as a time of growth and transformation. We will worship through song, story and spoken word in a fun and lively intergenerational service. ** On Apr. 2 we will be celebrating the transformation that comes from children with a child dedication ceremony. (If you have a child/children … Continued

April 9th Babylon Guest Speaker Gary Jackoway 10am

In 600 BCE, Jerusalem was sacked by the Babylonians and thousands of Jews were taken to Babylon as slaves. How they reacted to exile, and how each of us reacts to feeling like strangers in a strange land, is the topic of this service.

April 16- Easter Sunday (7am Sunrise Service @Head of Christiana Presbyterian Church)

It is traditional to hold sunrise services on Easter to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ while watching the sun return after the dark. This is a powerful way to experience the liberation of life after death. Rev. Andrew will be preaching at this intimate worship, and will be joined by colleagues from Head of … Continued

April 16- Easter @UUFN Transformation on Easter 10am Rev Weber

The Christian holiday Easter – and the pagan festival it originates from – are celebrations of rebirth, celebrations of transformations. There is truth in these celebrations, for our world, our communities and our individual selves. Transformation is a possibility for everyone and everything. What is the new life that you might want to live into? … Continued

April 23- Earth Day Every Day UUFN Rev Andrew Weber 10am

Yesterday was Earth Day, a day generally spent focusing on how our thoughts and actions impact this planet we inhabit. As Unitarian Universalists we strive to promote the interdependent web of all creation, of which we are a part. Let us live our charge to be environmentally conscious and sustainable in every action, on every … Continued

April 30- In Over Our Heads Rev Andrew Weber 10am

Rev. Andrew offers a sermon topic at UUFN’s annual service auction. (Be sure to come out on May 6 to bid on a sermon topic of your choice!) Last year’s winning bidders were Pat and Richard Field, who decided on this week’s topic: the intersection of Robert Kegan’s “Orders of Consciousness” and our Unitarian Universalist … Continued