Six Letters…

Reverand Cynthia Robinson from the New Ark United Church of Christ will l discuss the complicated 6 letter word call change. Her message will be inspired by the book: Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler.


Never Again

Rev. David Pyle, from the UUA’s Congregational Staff Department and long-time Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Newark member Gary Jackoway, will lead this service. We will have more details about this coming soon. Please be patient.

Sharing the Spirit of Our Music

Share your music and what it means to you spiritually. You can bring recorded music (on cd or mp3) or you can request a UUFN hymn (from gray and teal hymnal). Contact Mike at if you have any questions.


A Little Bit Quaker

We will gather together in an “Unprogrammed” meeting for worship in the manner of Friends (“Quakers”). In worship, Friends gather in silent, expectant waiting; when someone is moved to speak, they rise and share their message. Since we are still UUs, there will be a Chalice.

Affect Theology

The Unitarian Universalist Theologian Thandika has advanced an approach to spiritual life based on human biological affects. She applies ideas adapted from an Eighteenth Century theologian that have provided a basis for all subsequent liberal theology. She brings them into a contemporary liberal Unitarian Universalist milieu. Richard, inspired by Thandika’s proposal and drawing on his … Continued

Intimations of Immortality: Flatland, the Tao and the Elephant’s Tail

How does a rationalist, a retired Dupont scientist, deal with the possibility that there may be important things which are unknowable, unmeasurable and perhaps inconceivable? Barbara Jezl, UUFN member for 36 years, will discuss this.