Mar. 19 – Unitarian Universalist Jeopardy! Rev Andrew Weber 10 am

The risk today is that instead of a “normal” worship service we will be playing Unitarian Universalist Jeopardy! Take some time to hone your knowledge of history, polity, theology, acronyms, dates, places and famous people – and get ready for some fun! Newcomers and those steeped in Unitarian Universalist knowledge are welcome to come and … Continued

March 12- Vulnerability Rev Andrew Weber 10am

Brené Brown has said, “What makes you vulnerable, makes you beautiful.” Are there ways in which you can be more vulnerable? Are there ways in which you can help others be more vulnerable? What does it look like to embrace the risk of being vulnerable? Let us all live into vulnerability, and as such, also … Continued

Feb 26th Guest Minister 10am

One great thing about Unitarian Universalism is the idea that no one person has a monopoly on truth or inspiration. Our congregation lives this through our lay led services. This Sunday we are fortunate to have a guest minister present the truth as they understand it. Come join us!