Reverend Andrew Weber

A new Prophetic Voice (New Member Recognition)

“From the dreams of youthful vision comes a new, prophetic voice; Which demands a deeper justice built by our courageous choice.” Everyone has a part of themselves which speaks truth to power. What is your prophetic voice? What prophetic voice do others have? Are you listening?

Religious Freedom

On January 13, 1568 the first ever proclamation of religious freedom was made in Torda (Transylvania). This edict paved the way for our free faith at a time when religious toleration was previously unheard of. Today, let us be in solidarity with those who labor for their right to practice their faith.

Dec. 11 – Presence or Presence? Rev. Andrew Weber

Presence has two distinct meanings.  The first is that of being mindfully aware in the current moment (ex. I have presence, I am here).  A second meaning is the existence of something “other” than ourselves (ex. there is a presence in the room, there is something here in the room).  There are parallels between the … Continued

Weaving our Stories

A powerful part of being part of a community is the co-creation of a communal story.  By coming together we create something larger than our individual selves, and larger than the sum of the parts.  Today we will hear vignettes from people sharing how they came to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Newark.

I’m Proud to be an American

We just had a presidential election, and we will know the outcome of that election before this service.  The reality is, no matter the outcome there will be people who are ecstatic and others who are broken hearted.  Whether you are uplifted, downtrodden or ambivalent, you are welcome here after this election. We will be … Continued