Rev. Paula Maiorano


A service on the topic of Love… Come listen in and who knows, you might hear something you’ll love.

Confronting Our Implicit Bias

All humans have unconscious bias, often referred to as implicit bias. The ability to rapidly categorize friend or foe helped early humans survive. Unfortunately, today they often are the foundation of stereotypes, prejudices, and a multitude of isms, including racism. In this MLK Jr Sunday … read more.

Discerning the Forward Path

With the retirement of one minister at the end of June and a new minister on the horizon, there is much to discern in the months just ahead. In this service, Rev. Maiorano will reflect on the spiritual path of discernment and on the sadness … read more.

O Holy Night!

Christmas Eve is special to UUs of all beliefs – Christian, theist, atheist and the continuum between. Through song, story, and thought,
our Christmas Eve service is a celebration of all we hold holy.

What Do I Mean When I Say God?

Whether its for thanks or help, I am praising or calling on God. And yet, my beliefs are not traditional. Who or What am I referring to
when I say “Thank You God” or Please Help Me God? This service is by way of personal … read more.

Reflections on #MeToo

As we are about to close another year in the age of #MeToo, it seems important to reflect on the lessons learned from this life
transforming movement.

Stop Our World, We Need to Change.

This service is a reflection on what living might look like if we were to take the recent U.N. report on Climate Change seriously – as individuals, as society, as a world – so that planet earth can be a habitat for humans to the … read more.

Take Time for Celebrations!

Celebrations big and small are important to honor our experiences, milestones, and achievements – both as individuals and as a congregation. The why, what, and how of their importance are explored in this celebratory service.