Rev. Paula Maiorano

Stop Our World, We Need to Change.

This service is a reflection on what living might look like if we were to take the recent U.N. report on Climate Change seriously – as individuals, as society, as a world – so that planet earth can be a habitat for humans to the … read more.

Take Time for Celebrations!

Celebrations big and small are important to honor our experiences, milestones, and achievements – both as individuals and as a congregation. The why, what, and how of their importance are explored in this celebratory service.

Ingathering – Renewal

As we begin a new Fellowship year, our annual Water Communion will include a simple ceremony of renewal. Young people will be in the early part of service only. Rev Maiorano will reflect on why our Water Communion is so important to we … read more.

Planting Peace

Children, youth, and adults of all ages and beliefs join in song, story, and interactive worship, creating a Beloved Community in celebration of International Day of Peace, Peace Week Delaware, and the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The service will conclude … read more.

Service for All Ages: A Spirit of Play

Bring your most lighthearted spirit to this worship service of playful adventure in stories, songs, and reflection.  Play offers time to explore self and the world around us.  It opens up our imagination, fosters creativity, releases joy, and often invites others to join us in … read more.

Are You Too Busy for a Spiritual Life?

The UUFN is a community of spiritual seekers inspired to promote a just and compassionate world. Yet, at critical times in our lives, we’re so busy we hardly know whether we’re coming or going. Today’s service offers a reflection on the inherent push and pull … read more.

The Language of Reverence, the Rhetoric of Peace

Language is especially important in a spiritually pluralistic community, holding people with different beliefs together in a peaceful community of respect and awe for life. This service reflects on the language that transcends differences and clarifies that which is of ultimate importance to all.

A Reflection on the Annual Gathering

At the end of June, Rev Maiorano participated in this year’s Ministry Days and General Assembly. The services weaves together the themes of these two gatherings in a way she believes will resonate most deeply in our lives.

Celebrating Volunteerism

Voluntarism and volunteerism are connected but different. This service recognizes the importance of voluntarism in a democratic society, as articulated by UU giant James Luther Adams, and celebrates the ongoing and priceless services of our many UUFN volunteers, without which the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of … read more.