Rev Andrew Weber

Saying Goodbye

Today is Rev. Andrew’s last service at UUFN. Come to hear his final message on departure and saying goodbye. It is sad that our relationship has come to an end sooner than initially planned. Let us have hopeful hearts for the new ministries that awaits … read more.

Spirituality at Home (Intergenerational)

We come together weekly to worship as a faith community. In a more personal way, another place we all practice our faith is at home. This Sunday we’ll explore different rituals and ways of embodying a faithful Unitarian Universalist life at home, both alone and … read more.

Put Something In

This week we look at the spiritual practice of bringing joy as we turn to a more active stance. How do we bring joy to a broken world or hurting community? Is there a way to be authentic in acknowledging heartache while still bringing and … read more.

White Supremacy Teach In

Our national organization is going through a time of self-introspection where we are very blatantly seeing our organization’s systemic racism and ongoing white privilege. As part of the response, congregations have been asked to host a teach-in on racism and white supremacy. The topic is … read more.

Children’s Day & Flower Communion

The Flower Communion celebrates beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community. Just as individual flowers form a bouquet more beautiful than the sum of its parts, our fellowship consists of a diversity of people of all ages. In this family-friendly, inter-generational service, we worship together with … read more.

In Over Our Heads

Rev. Andrew offers a sermon topic at UUFN’s annual service auction. (Be sure to come out on May 6 to bid on a sermon topic of your choice!) Last year’s winning bidders were Pat and Richard Field, who decided on this week’s topic: the intersection … read more.

Earth Day Every Day

Yesterday was Earth Day, a day generally spent focusing on how our actions impact this planet we inhabit. As Unitarian Universalists we strive to promote the interdependent web of all creation, of which we are a part. Let us live our charge to be environmentally … read more.

Transformation on Easter

The Christian holiday Easter – and the pagan festival it originates from – are celebrations of rebirth, celebrations of transformations.  What is the new life that you might want to live into? How will you be transformed?

A Time for Transformation

Join us this morning as we celebrate spring as a time of growth and transformation. We will worship through song, story and spoken word in a fun and lively intergenerational service.

** On Apr. 2 we will be celebrating the transformation that comes from children with … read more.

Unitarian Universalist Jeopardy!

The risk today is that instead of a “normal” worship service we will be playing Unitarian Universalist Jeopardy! Take some time to hone your knowledge of history, polity, theology, acronyms, dates, places and famous people – and get ready for some fun! Newcomers and those … read more.