Gary Jackoway


Spring, Easter, and Passover all revolve around Transformations. In this multi-generational service, Gary Jackoway will talk about how we are impacted by transformations large and small.

Transformation, to change form.

SJ and U

Our vision statement says that we “create change and are thereby changed”.
In this sharing service, we will spend time with each other talking about our Social Justice activities and how they have impacted our lives.

Never Again

Rev. David Pyle, from the UUA’s Congregational Staff Department and longtime Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Newark member Gary Jackoway, will talk about the different meanings of the phrase “Never Again”. This service is a sequel to Rev. Pyle’s powerful Memorial Day service.


In 600 BCE, Jerusalem was sacked by the Babylonians and thousands of Jews were taken to Babylon as slaves. How they reacted to exile, and how each of us reacts to feeling like strangers in a strange land, is the topic of this service.