Barbara Gates

Reading the Readings: Exploring our Seventh Principle

We use the host of beautiful deep readings at the rear of our hymnal, Singing the Living Tradition, less and less frequently. Today’s service hopes to reverse that trend by highlighting selections that address the idea of our Seventh Principle. We will explore them together.

Amazing Grace II

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,” we Unitarian Universalists sing again and again. But what are we singing about? Just what is grace, and can it still amaze us? How might it touch UU lives? This service will explore the idea of grace: some of … read more.

Forgiveness and New Beginnings

Forgiveness is not a regular component of most Unitarian/Universalist services.  Yet forgiveness bears revisiting, especially in times of personal or institutional stress. We will pause to look at the implications of forgiving others and ourselves for thoughts and actions, past and present, so that we may … read more.