Planting Peace

Children, youth, and adults of all ages and beliefs join in song, story, and interactive worship, creating a Beloved Community in celebration of International Day of Peace, Peace Week Delaware, and the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The service will conclude … read more.

Silos of Discord

The United States is on the verge of a new civil war. Not yet a shooting war, but just as during the lead-up to the Confederate attack on Fort Sumpter, Americans are divided into two camps, and constructive dialogue is scarce.

Where are the peacemakers? Is … read more.

Outrage Is Not Enough!

The chaos around us today affects us all.  Beyond the political perspective, what might be our UU response be?  People have strong feelings, but can we find a path to do something?

Labyrinth Dedication Service

The Labyrinth is a simple, yet powerful tool for meditation, centering and Inspiration. The Fellowship has a beautiful, deep forest green labyrinth, but this is actually our second labyrinth. This year, the Labyrinth Committee created a new labyrinth from the remnants of the Fellowship’s original, … read more.

Service for All Ages: A Spirit of Play

Bring your most lighthearted spirit to this worship service of playful adventure in stories, songs, and reflection.  Play offers time to explore self and the world around us.  It opens up our imagination, fosters creativity, releases joy, and often invites others to join us in … read more.

Amazing Grace II

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,” we Unitarian Universalists sing again and again. But what are we singing about? Just what is grace, and can it still amaze us? How might it touch UU lives? This service will explore the idea of grace: some of … read more.

Because It Moves Me

Exploration of calling/vocation as it relates to Cultural Competency and Dismantling White Supremacy for Individuals to Congregations.

A Theology Based Upon Nature (Our Nature)

UU Theologians are developing a new humanist theology based on modern neuroscience and affect theory of consciousness. This provides a path to a more satisfying life and a more peaceful community. We will test some affects generated with music, touch, and song.

Service … read more.