Staying Connected: the essential affect

Affects direct our attention to some event. Shame affect directs our attention to situations of social “disconnect.” So what could possibly go wrong? We will explore the possibilities of healthy shame.

From Pat Field’s presentation on 11/5/2017.  The service page contains her presentation materials.

This service … read more.

Go with the Flow

In this music-filled live Jazz service, we explore when to go with the flow, and when to stand up against it.  The main podcast file above is the combined jazz improvisation and spoken word.

Below you will find a recording of the first musical and spoken … read more.

Make it Sacred

How can we calm our need for certainty and safety when we live in uncertain and disruptive times? We will explore ways to view this world with reverence, and ideas to create sacred space for all the ups and downs we experience each day. ~ … read more.

This is Us, Part II

Six months ago we knew we were facing some major changes at UUFN, although we didn’t know then just how many there would be. We had a pretty good idea of who we were six months ago. Who are we now? Are we the same … read more.

Introducing Rev. Paula Maiorano

Rev Paula Maiorano, UUFN’s new temporary Pastoral Care minister, ends each of her sermons with a quote and personal mantra from medieval mystic, Julian of Norwich, “All shall be well.  All manner of thing shall be well.”

On Sunday, the UUFN community will hear how Rev … read more.

Affect Theology

The UU Theologian Thandika has advanced an approach to spiritual life based on human biological affects. She applies ideas adapted from an 18th Century theologian that have provided a basis for all subsequent liberal theology. She brings them into a contemporary liberal UU milieu. Richard, inspired by Thandika’s proposal & drawing on his Zen experience, adds suggestions for a modern affect-based spiritual approach to a liberal religious life.

Leadership Begins Before the Board Meeting

When the board of trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis, MD, completed a strategic plan a few years ago, it realized it would also have to revamp the way it did business.

Then-president, Nancy Proctor, said that the trustees’ meetings typically ran long and … read more.