Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady of the World

As we move into a new year faced with challenges, let’s be inspired by one amazing woman’s global work for social justice and her small acts of kindness close to home. “In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make … Continued

So, What’s Your Story

The stories we choose to tell about our lives make all the difference. We are a people of story. We become the stories we tell ourselves, and, often, they do not reflect the deeper truth of who we are. Join us to explore how we create our lives in accord with our stories. Beth Rausch, … Continued

Thank you, UUFN

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to grow up as a Unitarian Universalist in out fellowship? Daniel Jackoway spent the first 18 years of his life at UUFN. He shares stories of how it has shaped him, with gratitude in his heart.

Staying Connected: the essential affect

Affects direct our attention to some event. Shame affect directs our attention to situations of social “disconnect.” So what could possibly go wrong? We will explore the possibilities of healthy shame. From Pat Field’s presentation on 11/5/2017.  The service page contains her presentation materials. This service is a continuation of our discussions involving Affect Theology.  … Continued

Go with the Flow

In this music-filled live Jazz service, we explore when to go with the flow, and when to stand up against it.  The main podcast file above is the combined jazz improvisation and spoken word. Below you will find a recording of the first musical and spoken parts of the service: The big improvisational piece: Gary … Continued

On Covenant: Promises Made, Kept, Broken, and Renewed

Covenant is central to Unitarian Universalists. However, being human we also sometimes break promises and find ourselves in need of renewing them. is is a service that reflects on all aspects of covenant – promises made, kept, broken, and renewed – especially as covenant is lived out in UU congregations. ~ Rev. Paula Moirano

Make it Sacred

How can we calm our need for certainty and safety when we live in uncertain and disruptive times? We will explore ways to view this world with reverence, and ideas to create sacred space for all the ups and downs we experience each day. ~ Joan Wheeler   This service is an audio and visual … Continued

This is Us, Part II

Six months ago we knew we were facing some major changes at UUFN, although we didn’t know then just how many there would be. We had a pretty good idea of who we were six months ago. Who are we now? Are we the same “Us” ? How are we the same? How are we … Continued

Introducing Rev. Paula Maiorano

Rev Paula Maiorano, UUFN’s new temporary Pastoral Care minister, ends each of her sermons with a quote and personal mantra from medieval mystic, Julian of Norwich, “All shall be well.  All manner of thing shall be well.” On Sunday, the UUFN community will hear how Rev Maiorano can affirm this claim in our current times … Continued